Freefall Professional


Perform the sport, capture the sport...


It is all about launcing from a fixed object, such as mountains or any high vertical manmade construction

Basejumping Brento
Wingsuit Bird


Airplanes, helicopters, balloons etc. When you’re dropping from flying objects, its a skydive

Aerial Videography

Great performance should also be captured well. They both go hand in hand, with the cameraman functioning as a human drone

Wingsuit Gudvangen


Espen World Champion

Espen Fadnes

Espen's full time life in airsport is divided in three; representing Norway in competitions, where he is the reigning World Champion and ranked number one by the International Airsport Federation. The second part is videography for commercials, movies and documentaries. A huge part of his time is also spent coaching the new generation to be safer participants in the sport.
"Purpose is to find and develop the unique".

Aerial Videography 99%
Wingsuit basejumping 100%
Freefly Skydiving 85%
Speech 80%


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What my clients have to say

"Espen is a vital part of our creative prosesses as well as execution of complex projects. We could not have been more happy to have him as part of the team"
BM Bryn
Manager Team OneCall
"With a passion to teach and at the same time winning the World Championship, Espen has made us all very proud. The Kings Pocal is a recognition of your work"
John Erik Laupsa
President NLF
"It was a very inspiring speech, in a time when our company need to look ahead. "The biggest risk is to not take the risk". I like that one!."
Azman Ahmad
HR Director, Malaysian Airlines

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